Grain purification system

Grain purification system
Manufacturer Bühler / Switzerland
Capacity appr. 3.500 kg/h, condition as new,
consisting from:
- Destoner
- Scourer
- Aspiration channel
- Lightweight collector with Aspiration channel
- Intensive wetting auger
- Depot silo, Content appr. 22 m³
- Dosing and  Mixingsystem about flow balancer
- 3 Elevators from steel
- Pneumatic suction
- Required separators
- Required ventilators
- Jet filter
- All machines with direct drive about electric motors
- Complete pipes
- Cabling
- Electric control unit
lightweight collector with aspiration channel
grain purifcation technology
grain purification electric control unit
intensive wetting auger
flow balancer for grain

Wheat flour mill

scourer and aspiration channel
flour mill
bran brusher
Fully automatic, pneumatic wheat flour mill,
Manufacturer Meyer / Switzerland, capacity
appr. 15 t/24 h, consisting from:
- 3 double roller mills, divided
- Transmission for roller mills
- 1 plan sifter
- 2 semolina purifier
- 3 bran brusher
- Required separators
- Required cellular sluice
- Required shot looser
- Required ventilators
- Required conveying pipes
- Jetfilter, as new, manufact. Bühler
- Complete piping from steel pipes
- Cabling
- Electric control system
double roller mill
plan sifter
wheat flour mill
flow balancer for grain
semolina purifier
mill machinery
electric control system

Mixing system for feedmix

Mixing sytem, typ Gondard
Manufacturer Meyer / Switzerland,
content 3.000 Liter, consisting from:
- Mixing System with 4 contrary mixing augers
- Drive about electric Motor 7,5 KW
- Construction frame
- Constructionsilo from steel, appr. 6 m³
- 2 shut-off valva
- 2 outzlets with bagging device
- Floor frame
flour mill technology

Grain hammer mill


Grain hammer mill for milling from feed grain
Typ Jota, capacity appr. 500-800 kg/h
consisting of:
- Grain hammer mill
- Drive about direct drive electric Motor, 13 KW
- Feeding apparatus consisting as feeding vibrator with
   infinitely variable potentiometer control unit
- Magnet apparatus
- Upfill
- Pneumatic material transport with exraction stroke,
  transport line, high performance separator with
  ventilator, cellular sluiceive about gearmotor 0,37 KW,
  pressure filter with 16 hoses
- Unit control
feed mixing machine
grain hammer mill

Grain silos from corrugated sheet    /  Sold

2 Grain Silos from corrugated sheet for outdoor
setting, Manufacturer Zucker / Austria, dm appr. 5,00 m, height appr. 12,00 m,
content appr. 200 m³/silo
- Execution from galvanized steel sheet
- Transport line to Pneu filling
- Connection to Storz-clutch
- 2 Inspecion openings
- 1 Maintenance ladder
- 1 outlet auger, drive about gearmotor,
   length appr. 11,00 m
grain silos

Diesel aggregate cogeneration    /   Sold

Diesel heavy oil aggregat
Manufacturer Herford / Germany,
electrc power 55 KW, thermally appr. 70 KW
- Slow slider, appr. 300 rpm/min
- Cubic capacity appr. 50 liter
- Single piston
- Weight appr.tons
  from it flywheel appr. 3 tons
- Belt drive for transmission
- Belt drive for generator
- Mechanicelly stretcher for belt drives
- Heat exchanger for cooling system
- Heat exchanger for exhaust system
- Piping and cabling
- Electrical switch unit
diesel electric switch unit
diesel heavy oil aggregat